Dusty teal and lilac purpleour kinky fairy tale continues…


Setting:  A large medieval castle, circa 1227 AD; the Beltane fête.  Music plays in the grand hall to dancers swirling in beautiful decorative Shibari ties – chest harnesses, gauntlets, shocking booty cages, corset ties, you name it and it was there… all in bright, gorgeous colors.  The evil, sadistic Lord of the Castle lounges on his massive dais with his beloved at his feet, tied elegantly in her lovely Hero rope.  Suddenly the young kinky woman from the midsummer market appears out of thin air (because teleportationis not always linear in time!) and falls to the hard stone floor on her pretty bottom.  “Ooof!!” she exclaims as two strong arms lift her up, and the court Jester holds her at arm’s length, examining the newcomer. “Well well well, who have we here?” he muses, turning her around appraisinglyand announces to the attentive onlookers, “I do believe I shall adorn our visitor with some lovely rope!” and as he speaks the last word, she is magically bound in a tight, elegant rope dress of the richest teals and prettiest soft purples she’s ever seen…  (to be continued)