A glass with 8 ounces of Dyeaddict wax and 2 wicks to ensure you get all of the wax to melt. colors are: ruby red, autumn orange, green, blue and purple. They are shrink wrapped to keep it clean until your ready. When you’ve had your fun, the glass itself can be cleaned up with dawn dish soap and hot water. This wax is a mixture of paraffin, soy, and beeswax. Contains no paraben. We made 100 recipes to find what we wanted that impressed all of our testers. A melting point of 118 degrees. As with all dyes staining may occur on fabric. Our wax does break down with Dawn dish soap.  Enjoy!!!

P.S. The Unicorn wanted this to be a rainbow  but I was left unsupervised so the colors got put in the wrong order. So now its just Festive!