All 18 one pound ez pour wax single color

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One pound of each color, black light apricot, autumn orange, baby blue, black, blue, fuchsia, gold, green, lavender, black light lime green, black light magenta, purple, ruby red, black light shocking pink, teal, white, and black light yellow. This is one pound of our low temp wax, NO WICK.  You can heat it in the microwave or simmer in a pot of water or chaffing dish. You can heat and pour directly from the package or empty it to a double boiler and warm it that way. Stir with a spoon or your finger. It may be a little too warm when first taken out of microwave or water. Do not boil or put in oven. This wax is a mixture of paraffin, soy, and beeswax. Contains no  paraben. We made 100 recipes to find what we wanted that impressed all of our testers. A melting point of 118 degrees. As with all dyes staining may occur on fabric. Our wax does break down with Dawn dish soap.  Enjoy!!!