Q: Do you do international shipping?
A: yes we ship international. (BRAZIL NOT INCLUDED) How we do this is we send you a PayPal invoice. We need your  name, ship to address, and phone number. We add the shipping that we are charged. A medium USPS shipping box holds 15 thirty foot pieces and a large USPS box holds 24. Medium boxes cost us usually between $55 and $70 and the large between $80 and $95. If you want to combine orders with friends we can put them together in one box to help split the shipping.

Q: What measurement is used to sell the rope? 
A: All rope is sold by foot except some of the discount stuff can be purchased by what’s left on the spool. 

Q: The rope I got isn’t the same as the picture, did you send me the wrong rope?
A: Not likely, but I’m only human. The problem we have is our pictures and your screen may no match perfect or their my be a shade difference between batches.  If you have a problem with your order, talk to us. 

Q: How do you clean the nylon rope?
A: you can daisy chain it or put it in a mesh laundry bag and throw it in the washer. A little detergent and softener. If very “dirty”you can add a couple capfuls of bleach. Yes we have added bleach and had no color change. Air dry is our recommendation although some we know have used the dryer on low heat, but we do not recommend. 

Q: Will the nylon colors match the set I got last year?
A: We are cooking 1800 foot spools and use the same recipe every time. Most of the time the are almost identical but sometimes they are a shade or two off. So no guarantees but we do try.