Well we did it again, stepped out of our comfort zone. We decided to make wax, how hard could it be? Yeah another stupid question. So we figured out how to make candles and tested glasses and tried 3 different waxes and turned the stove back on. Banged our heads on that preverbal wall till recipe 37 (yes I’m a Kevin Smith so that wasn’t lost on me). We thought we had it and made a big batch and off to a party we went. The temp was great but not what we wanted. Back to banging our heads and ordering different wax . At 69 ( I can’t make it up) we were onto something, and off to a party we went, and we had more work to do. More wax ordered, more banging of heads and walls. At recipe 92 we had it but checked 8 more for variations just to see. So what we ended with is a combination of a soy wax, paraffin waxes and beeswax. A melting point of 122 degrees and a new delivery system with the one pound. With the candles and glasses  you get a quick inhale from the bottom when you first start, when you let it pool a little you get a little more from them. When you pour the one pound, everything changes. And it’s easy to make it thick enough to came off as a mold of your favorite body parts, decorated any colors you want. Don’t feel sorry for our original tester, she walked out every time with that glazed look in her eyes and a smile on her face excited for the next batch.